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Using the theme and slogan of #KitaSelangor which symbolizes the Red Giants football community, the Third jersey this time is different from the previous one, it is designed through specially made drawings of doodles related to the surrounding life that tells about the supporters and the Red Yellow football club.

This alternative jersey also uses the color Blue for drawing doodles, on the collar and sleeves that symbolize unity, quite synonymous with the #KitaSelangor theme this time. In addition, the use of the color White refers to a blank canvas that can be sketched with patterns and elements of life such as in the State of Selangor which is the center of cultural diversity and community. The touch of Gold symbolizes success, achievement and excellence in various arenas such as Sports, Community and Art in this state.

The shape of the Selangor state flag is placed on the back of this jersey in line with the #KitaSelangor theme, signifying the people of Selangor who are always united in any situation. Among the other doodle elements found on the jersey are the Stadium, the Cup that Selangor FC has won, football, mafla, kuaci and drums inspired by the Red Giants football community.

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